The right space supports tenants success

We are responsible for letting and managing our clients properties in Finland. Aberdeen Finland has assets under management over €1.5 billion. Most of the premises are located in Helsinki metropolitan area and in the Helsinki CBD in particular as well as other growth centers like Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Oulu.  We are able to tailor to our customers the best possible space mixes whether they include retail space, office space or distribution and warehousing space or even a combination of all of these.

For more information concerning letting matters please contact:

Helsinki Metropolitan area:

Terhi Kivekäs, Leasing Manager (office space)
Tel./GSM +358 (0)10 3040 369
Email: terhi.kivekas@aberdeen-asset.com

Kirsi Väisänen, Leasing Manager (office space)
Tel./GSM +358 (0)10 3040 35
Email: kirsi.vaisanen@aberdeen-asset.com

Jami Lindh, Leasing Manager (office space)
Tel./GSM +358 (0)10 3040 471
Email: jami.lindh@aberdeen-asset.com

Tarja Rantala, Leasing Manager (retail space)
Tel./GSM +358 (0)10 3040 305
Email: tarja.rantala@aberdeen-asset.com

Sirpa Rouhiainen, Leasing Manager (logistics)
Tel./GSM +358 (0)10 3040 534
Email: sirpa.rouhiainen@aberdeen-asset.com