US Equities

Opportunities in the world’s largest stock market

Why US Equities?

  • North America is home to some of the world’s highest quality companies and strongest brands
  • A truly diversified portfolio could benefit from an allocation to the region’s equities
  • Our Philadelphia-based US Equity team has the expertise to select long-term investments from this asset class

Regional Background

  • Many North American companies are leaders in their industries, including technology
  • They have some of the world’s most effective management teams, giving them the capacity to weather economic cycles
  • Corporate management teams can act quickly to cut costs and restructure because of the region’s multi-faceted economy
  • Companies are subject to high standards of corporate governance, offering greater protection to investors

Our approach

We look for long-term returns by investing in a portfolio of North American securities. Our team-based approach is characterised by intensive, first-hand research.